About Us

Minh Kien Malt export import and investment joint stock company (MMK., JSC) was established in 2013 after careful preparation on market, products, finance, governance, working procedure and especially human resources because we understand that human is the decisive factor of organizations success. We ensure meeting demand of customers with diversified products including materials and additives for food, beverage, bakery industry and for animal.
Vision and value: Become one of leading companies in manufacturing and providing food/feed material and additives, be a trusty partner of food/feed producers and manufacturers
Core value:
- Customer focus
- Professionalism
- Cooperation and sharing
- Human resource is the central point
- Legal compliance

Paying attention to customer: Our target is satisfying our customers. We commit to provide good products and service to customer.
Professionalism: We will be recognized as having the highest professional standards. Our employees and technician will possess superior knowledge and skill, for the sake of our customers.
Cooperation and sharing: All of our dealings (both internal and external) are characterized by the highest levels of honesty, fairness, faithfulness and cooperative manner.
Human resource is the central point: Our employees will determine our future success. In order to attract, gather and retain the best employees, we will invest in the development of our human resources and reward good performance.
Legal compliance: All of our dealings are legally complied